6 Tips to Shop The Sephora Fall Sale

The annual Sephora fall sale is coming up, with Rouge members having access to the sale from November 1-11, and everyone else having access from November 7-11. As usual, Rouge members will have a 20% off discount, while VIB members will receive 15% off their purchases, and Beauty Insider members will get 10% off. Since the sale is soon, I wanted to share some of my top tips for getting the most value out of the Sephora fall sale.

1. Look into sets – but also be wary of them. Holiday sets can be a great way to save some money from brands you love, but before you check out, make sure you really think about each item in the set. Sure, paying $65 for $140 of product sounds great, but are you really going to use that facial scrub (looking at you, every single Fresh set)? Are you really going to use that green lipstick? If you don’t see products you already know you’ll probably love in a set, it might not be worth it to buy it in the first place. (A good exception to this is if the product you wouldn’t use is full size – in this case, you might be able to gift it for the holidays and save some money along the way)

2. Look at what you already have. If you have dozens of lipsticks stashed away somewhere, you probably don’t need another one. Yes, the colour might be gorgeous, but let’s be honest. You probably already have at least two dupes. Also, you probably don’t need the latest eyeshadow palette if you already have a bunch piled up because you always use the exact same palette every day. If you really need a new shadow, try a single. (Mini disclaimer this is 100% no tea no shade I’m just really guilty of it and don’t want other people to make my mistakes)

3. What do you use the most? The thing that sucks about the Sephora sale is that if you buy something on sale and then exchange it because you didn’t like it, you have to pay the difference. While this is completely fair, you might want to consider stocking up on your essentials and holy grail products, rather than trying out the latest Norvina palette. You’ll still save the same amount of money, and you won’t have to worry about losing the discount because of a crappy product.

4. What do you want? You know the product- the one you asked for a sample of and loved, but didn’t want to commit to buying full price. The product you’ve been eyeing for as long as you can remember (shoutout to the TLC Glycolic Night Serum). While I’m not advising dropping all of your money on Drunk Elephant during the sale, if there’s a product you’ve wanted for a long time and you feel is worth the money but just can’t bring yourself to purchase, now might be the time to get it.

5. Think ahead. The holidays are almost here, and while I don’t necessarily recommend getting the holiday sets for yourself to save money, they can be great gifts for your friends (that conveniently come looking very cute and in pretty packaging, which is always a bonus!). If you shop online though, be sure to look at the sizes of the products, as products in sets are usually mini, and are often smaller than they appear in the photos.

6. Samples, samples, samples! If there’s a product that you’ve been eyeing, but haven’t necessarily gotten a chance to try yet, head to a Sephora before the sale and ask for a sample. Not only will you save money if you don’t like it, but you’ll also avoid wasting product unnecessarily (products returned to Sephora usually get thrown out since they can’t be resold).

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