Best Apps to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year, which can only mean two things: Nearly everyone just made a promise that they’ll improve themselves in some way, and then … a week and a half later, that promise will be broken. Luckily though, the year we’ve just entered is 2020, which means that there are lots of apps you use to help you push that week and a half of keeping your resolutions to a solid two weeks, at least. (In all seriousness though, these apps genuinely are really helpful, so if you want some help with your resolutions, I’d definitely recommend them).

For the Health Resolutions

If your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier, Lifesum can help. The app lets you log your food and exercise, and if you pay for the premium version, it’ll also give you customized recipes. Honestly though, the best part of Lifesum is how it shows you visually how much of each nutrient you’ve eaten without focusing too much on numbers (because I don’t want to know how much sugar I’m having at 1 am, let’s be honest). Lifesum also gives you general but helpful tips based on your diet (things like try to have more protein, or try to eat less carbs tomorrow). You can check Lifesum out here: web | iOS | Android

If you’ve decided to exercise in the new year, but don’t have a lot of time (or motivation, because same tbh) Seven might be worth checking out. It has a bunch of workouts that only take, you guessed it, seven minutes to do. Obviously it isn’t as effective as a full workout, but honestly, some exercise is better than none. You can check Seven out here: web | iOS | Android

If you’ve decided that you hate yourself you want to start running, Zombies, Run might be the app for you. The app gives you a story as you run, and prompts you at certain points to run faster so you can escape zombies. Honestly, out of all ‘workout games’, this might be the only one that gives you a legitimate workout while still being fun (if you count not being able to feel your lungs after 100 metres fun). Either way, I personally 10/10 recommend the story, but 0/10 recommend running. Still, if you’re interested, you can check out Zombies, Run here: web | iOS | Android

For the Financial Resolutions

If you’ve overspent in 2019 and want to cut back (and honestly, haven’t we all?) Mint might be the app for you. Mint gives you a visual breakdown of your budget, so you know exactly where that missing $200 went last month (*cough* coffee *cough*). Check it out here: web | iOS | Android

If your goal is to invest more in 2020, but you don’t know where to start, you should look into Acorns (USA) and Mylo (Canada). You connect the app to your credit/debit card, and then whenever you make a purchase, Acorns rounds the total to the nearest dollar and invests the rest. On the down side, your $5.32 bagel will now cost $6, but on the other hand, you’re also investing when you buy it, which almost makes it worth it. Check out Acorns here: web | iOS | Android and Mylo here: web | iOS | Android

For the Mindfulness Resolutions

If you want to put your phone down more and live in the moment, Forest is an app you’ll definitely want to try. You set a timer on the app, and until it runs out, you can’t leave the app without killing an adorable baby tree. Once the timer runs out, the tree will have fully grown, and it is added to your virtual forest. Forest is also really useful for when you study, which is the only time I use it because my social life? Nonexistent since it keeps your phone from being a distraction. If you’re interested, you can check Forest out here: web | iOS | Android

For all Resolutions

Any of your resolutions ultimately need to become a habit, which is where Today Habit Tracker comes in. Its simple clean interface makes it easier to use, and you can also add it as a widget on your iPhone, so it’s easier to remember to add your habits. Unfortunately, Today is only available on iOS, but Daily Habit Tracker looks like a nice Google Play alternative.

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